Welcome to Never Fatherless,
This blog is about my journey with grief and God.
About lossing my dad to cancer, how it's effected me, how I cope, how God's been taking care of me, and what he's taught me in the process.
    God creates the stories that play out in my life and I try to retell them in creative, encouraging ways. God teaches me the lessons and I do what I can to share them with you without too many  misconceptions mixed in.
     I’ve recently started to feature stories and insights from others that speak to topics like fatherhood, and loss.
     I'd love to hear any ways you are encouraged or can relate, so please feel free and encouraged to comment on any post or page, or reach out to me at
     I try to post about once a month and each one comes from the depths of my heart in hopes that what comes out is exactly what God has poured in.
God loves you and is enough!
<3 L.

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