Sunday, September 2, 2018

Unshared Glory

I wrote a poem! I don't do that often but I hope God's purpose really shines through my weakness on this one. Technically it's incomplete. The first part is a little too personal and way too poorly written for me to share on the blog but it was about some of the people I love and the expectations I have and how no one quite meets them. 

Then comes the good part:

But the one who made me
My Abba in heaven
He's loved me through every moment I've lived in
Not like a bystander who watches from distance
He's been present
fighting for me
In every instance

Still to all my false saviors I'm tempted to run
To beg them for just one more moment of sun

But Abba calls kindly and his voice grows louder
He reminds me that He is my one true provider
I run to him and he holds me tight
I know that this isn't the end of the fight

But I'm choosing today to seek first the LORD
My Abba, true Savior, I could never afford!
The God who raised Jesus Christ from the dead
Who bought back my heart with thorns in His head!

I will praise my Messiah!
I will seek His face!
His love is enough to fill all my heart's space!

My God loves me, He choose me, He calls me His child
Adopted forever, no matter how wild!

My sins fell forgiven
both future and past
My soul resurected
Only this love will last!

God, I praise you
help me love you
For you loved me first
You raised me up 
made me new
Entrapy reversed!

Now I dance with you
sing with you
A privilege uncompared
You reached down to hold me
Your glory unshared.

“The LORD is my shepard; I shall not want...”
-Psalm 23:1 (ESV)